EDITORIAL: As races take shape, voters win

Published 6:30 am Friday, May 21, 2010

We have been pleased to see November’s ballot filling up with candidates for a variety of regional and local offices. We hope that even more candidates emerge as the election season unfolds.

Giving voters a choice in who will represent them is a fundamental aspect of good government. Whether it’s at the national level, state level or right here in Mower County and Austin, our system of government begins with voter choice — a choice that is possible only when there are citizens who are willing to put themselves forward as leaders and potential leaders.

Make no mistake, running for office can be a bruising experience. But those who have done so, because they feel they have something to offer, will also usually say that it is an incredibly rewarding experience. Having full ballots is a classic win-win situation: The candidates, win or lose, gain from the experience while the rest of the community gets to choose from a wide selection of potential leaders.

The community owes its thanks to everyone who has decided, or will decide, to run for office.