Area athletes advance to Section 1A track and field meet

Published 6:02 pm Friday, May 28, 2010

A few area high school squads competed in the Subsection 1A track and field meet in Stewartville Thursday.

Those teams saw quite a few athletes move on to the Section 1A meet, which will be held next Tuesday and Thursday in Triton.

Lyle/Pacelli’s boys team sent two athletes to the Section 1A meet — Colton Scherer in the long jump and Michael Bergstrom in the discus.

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The Blooming Prairie boys advanced Robert Hofius in the 100-meter dash and the long jump and Jeff Hagstrom in the shot put and discus

The GMLOS boys sent the following athletes to the Section 1A meet: Mike Gehling in the 200-meter dash and long jump, Killian Smith in the 110-meter hurdles and 300-meter hurdles, Jeff Schlichter in the triple jump, and the 4 x 100-meter, 4 x 200-meter, and 4 x 400-meter relay teams.

For the Hayfield boys, Section 1A qualifiers include: Clint Freiheit, who took first in the 200-meter dash and advanced in the 400-meter dash, AJ Allee advanced in the 400-meter dash, Nate Conroy in the 1600-meter run, Michael Kuehn in the 3200-meter run, Hunter Anderson in the shot put and discus and the 4 x 800-meter relay team.

Danielle Hanson of Grand Meadow/LeRoy/Ostrander finished first in the 300-meter hurdles by just under three seconds. The freshman, who went to state last season in the 300-hurdles, also took first in the long jump.

The GMLOS girls sent the following athletes to the Section 1A meet: Betsy Oswald in the 200-meter dash, Addison Tapp in the 400-meter dash, Elizabeth May in the 800-meter run, McKenzie Kurtz in the 1600-meter run, Abbie Fay in the high jump, Amber Riedemann and Autumn Thorsen in the pole vault, Kelly Gray in the long jump, Brooke Kinney in the triple jump, Kristina Stier in the shot put and discus and Alax Oviatt in the sicus, and the 4 x 200-meter, 4 x 400-meter and the 4 x 800-meter relay teams

The Hayfield girls team advanced Madison Heydt and Ambert Sprau in the 100-meter dash to the Section 1A meet.


100-meter dash: Robert Hofius (Blooming Prairie) (third, 11.46); Gabe Kartes (BP) (fourth, 12.03); Paul Apenhorst (Grand Meadow/LeRoy/Ostrander/Southland) (fifth, 12.44)

200-meter dash: Mike Gehling (GMLOS) (second, 23.32); Clint Frehiet (Hayfield) (third, 23.52); Josh Gwilt (BP) (fifth, 24.07)

400-meter dash: Clint Freheit (H) (first, 51.76); AJ Allee (H) (third, 53.93)

800-meter run: Brady Stier (Lyle/Pacelli) (fourth, 2:11.61); Derek Ellis (H) (fifth, 2:12.08)

1600-meter run: Nate Conroy (H) (third, 4:54.65); Chad Kruger (H) (fifth, 5:04.08)

3200-meter run: Micahel Kuehn (H) (second, 10:27.84); Adam Driessen (BP) (fourth, 11:19.30); Tyler Cozine (BP) (fifth, 11:27.77)

110-meter hurdles: Killian Smith (GMLOS) (third, 16.20)

300-meter hurdles: Killian Smith (GMLOS) (third, 42.89)

4 x 100-meter relay: Mike Gehling, Killian Smith, Jeff Schlichter, Paul Apenhorst (GMLOS) (third, 45.49); Robert Hofius, Gabe Kartes, Jeff Hagstrom, Josh Gwilt (BP) (fourth, 46.43); Colton Scherer, Garrett Jenkins, Garrett Lester, Ryan Rust (L/P) (fifth, 49.52)

4 x 200-meter relay: Jeff Schlichter, Ben Loecher, Michael Felten, Mike Gehling (GMLOS) (second, 1:37.05); Colton Scherer, Garrett Jenkins, Garrett Lester, Jiang Tao (L/P) (fourth, 1:44.06)

4 x 400-meter relay: Mitch Scaglione, Alex Ruechel, Michael Felten, Conrad Bauer (GMLOS) (third, 3:44.65); Josh Gwilt, Rudy Vasquez, Jake Elwood, Dudley Smith (BP) (fourth, 3:45.97); Damian Haugen, Brett Kraemer, Isaac Koak, Jiang Tao (L/P) (fifth, 4:03.37)

4 x 800-meter relay: Nate Conroy, Derek Ellis, Michael Kuehn, Clint Freiheit (H) (second, 8:48.84); Michael Bergstrom, Ryan Rust, Brett Kraemer, Brady Stier (L/P) (fourth, 9:05.20); Daniel Hansen, Tim Boecker, Tyler Cozine, Jake Elwood (BP) (fifth, 9:05.80)

High jump: Bryce Benson (GMLOS) (fourth, 5-5); Alex Ruechel (GMLOS) (fifth, 5-5)

Pole vault: Noah Schlee (GMLOS) (fifth, 9-10)

Long jump: Mike Gehling (GMLOS) (first, 19-11); Robert Hofius (BP) (second, 19-1); Colton Scherer (L/P) (third, 18-11.25)

Triple jump: Jeff Schlichter (GMLOS) (second, 40-5.5); Josh Gwilt (BP) (fourth, 39-0); Killian Smith (GMLOS) (fifth, 37-9.5)

Shot put: Hunter Anderson (H) (second, 43-9.5); Jeff Hagstrom (BP) (third, 43-3)

Discus: Hunter Anderson (H) (first, 138-9); Michael Bergstrom (L/P) (third, 120-8)

Team scores: 1. Stewartville (151.50); 2. Kasson/Mantorville (138.50); 3. Triton (101); 4. GMLOS (fourth, 89); 5. Hayfield (80); 6. BP (71.50); 7. L/P (34.50)


100-meter dash: Madison Heydt (H) (second, 13.70); Amber Sprau (H) (third, 13.84); Samantha Oswald (GMLOS) (fourth, 13.95)

200-meter dash: Betsy Oswald (GMLOS) (third, 27.59); Madison Heydt (H) (fourth, 28.66); Kelly Gray (GMLOS) (fifth, 28.95)

400-meter dash: Addison Tapp (GMLOS) (third, 1:05.37); Sarah Gilbertson (H) (fourth, 1:05.84); DaVyll Smith (BP) (1:07.39)

800-meter run: Elizabeth May (GMLOS) (third, 2:31.47)

1600-meter run: McKenzie Kurtz (GMLOS) (third, 5:37.86)

3200-meter run: Madeline Kraemer (L/P) (fourth, 12:49.78)

100-meter hurdles: Danielle Hanson (GMLOS) (fifth, 17.77)

300-meter hurdles: Danielle Hanson (GMLOS) (first, 47.07); Maria Noterman (GMLOS) (fifth, 52.71)

4 x 100-meter relay: Samantha Oswald, Kristine Gerber, Brooke Kinney, Lauren Ashton (GLMOS) (fourth, 54.39); Rachel Czaplewski, Brittany Thissen, Amber Sprau, Madison Heydt (H) (fifth, 55.50)

4 x 200-meter relay: Betsy Oswald, Abbie Fay, Kelly Gray, Addison Tapp (GMLOS) (second, 1:52.55); Allyson Grunklee, Cortney Easton, DaVyll Smith, Rhianna Gwilt (fifth, 1:56.54)

4 x 400-meter relay: Elizabeth May, Danielle Hanson, Betsy Oswald, Addison Tapp (GMLOS) (second, 4:11.12); Kelcie Driessen, Cortney Easton, Jenna Paulson, Lindsay Pryor (BP) (fourth, 4:34.34)

4 x 800-meter relay: McKenzie Kirtz, Kaitlyn Kirtz, Samantha Hamlin, Rachael Allen (GMLOS) (third, 11:02.59); Jenna Paulson, Kelcie Driessen, Kendra Boecker, Katie Williamson (BP) (fourth, 11:10.40); Alena Kritzer, Meredith Fritz, Katherine Ethen, Annie Holtz (L/P) (fifth, 11:25.45)

High jump: Abbie Fay (GMLOS) (second, 4-10); Kristine Gerber (GMLOS) (fourth, 4-8); Rhianna Gwilt (BP) (4-8)

Pole vault: Amber Riedemann (GMLOS) (second, 7-10); Autumn Thosen (GMLOS) (third, 7-4); Lauren Ashton (GMLOS) (fifth, 6-10)

Long jump: Danielle Hanson (GMLOS) (first, 15-6.5); Kelly Gray (GMLOS) (third, 14-11.5); Kristine Gerber (GMLOS) (fourth, 14-10); Hannah Sunde (BP) (fifth, 14-5.5)

Triple jump: Brooke Kinney (GMLOS) (third, 33-0); Elizabeth May (GMLOS) (fifth, 32-1)

Shot put: Kristina Stier (GMLOS) (third, 29-0.5); Haylee Lantz (H) (fifth, 27-1.5)

Discus: Kristina Stier (GMLOS) (first, 100-7); Alax Oviatt (GMLOS) (third, 94-2); Kelsey Williams (fifth, 84-5)

Team scores: 1. Kasson/Mantorville (204.20); 2. GMLOS (171.20); 3. Stewartville (138.20); 4. Triton (66); 5. Hayfield (45.20); 6. BP (29.20); 7. L/P (16)