Welch rocks the Paramount

Published 7:34 am Friday, April 9, 2010

The Lifelight Tour’s stop Thursday night at the Paramount Theatre was energy. Simply energy.

Fans were treated to three acts of non stop positive vibe capped off with a powered performance from former Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch.

“It was simply amazing,” said Bailey Waggoner afterward. “It was great.”

Thursday’s show, featuring opening acts Children 18:3 and The Classic Crime, wasn’t the usual fair for the Paramount Theatre, but it drew nonetheless. The show was sold out in quick fashion, and fans began lining up outside the theatre around 5 p.m.

“I think it was a magical feeling,” Paramount director Scott Anderson said. “Just the spirit, the feeling, all day was good.”

The show kicked-off in every sense of the phrase with the punk trio of siblings Children 18:3 out of Morris, Minn. Guitarist/singer David Hostetter and bassist/vocalist LeeMarie Hostetter tore through the set, powered by drummer Seth Hostetter who helped finish out the set with a flurried drum solo.

“It was fun; it was good,” David Hostetter said. “People were really getting into it.”

The Classic Crime followed with just as much energy, but slowed it down at times as well with deep lyrics and deep sounds. Lead singer Matthew James McDonald also picked up on the positive energy the crowd brought.

“I thought it was good,” he said. “You could see they were excited to have something to expel that energy with. I always like shows like this.”

The music was given a break following The Classic Crime’s show as Welch himself took the stage to talk to the crowd about his past addictions and destructive lifestyle and to offer words of encouragement.

Then it was back to the music. Welch and his band delivered with a punch on a stage that had to be modified around an existing play set. At one point Welch joined drummer Dan Johnson on top a rise where the drum set had been located about eight feet above the rest of the stage.

“I had to go up there,” Welch said after the show.

“I would love to see more of this,” Anderson said. “I love all the kids here.”

The setting of Thursday night’s show wasn’t lost on Welch either.

“Right when I walked in I knew this is where I want to play,” Welch said. “You had this castle thing going on, the energy was off the hook. I want to come back. It was a trip.”