Austin man faces drug sale charges

Published 6:39 am Tuesday, April 6, 2010

An Austin man faces multiple felony drug charges after he was busted selling methamphetamine to a police informant, according to a criminal complaint.

Luis Adrian Gonzalez, 18, was charged Thursday in Mower County court with two counts of second-degree drug sales and a single count of third-degree drug sales. He is in custody on $250,000 bail, or $50,000 with conditions, and scheduled for arraignment April 15.

According to the complaint, the informant first met with Gonzalez on March 15 near South Grove Park in southwest Austin. Using “buy” money provided by police and wearing a wireless transmitter, the informant bought roughly 2.3 grams of meth.

Ten days later, the informant met Gonzalez again, this time in an alley behind Gonzalez’s house, the complaint states. Gonzalez allegedly got into the informant’s vehicle, discussed details of the sale, then sold 1.6 grams of the drug.

On March 30, police executed a search of Gonzalez’s residence. Gonzalez was home at the time, and authorities found him in a bedroom that contained trace amounts of marijuana. A cell phone belonging to Gonzalez, which had been used to set up one of the two deals with the informant, was also seized in the raid, the complaint states.