Church fills a crib for Rachel’s Hope

Published 6:39 am Monday, March 1, 2010

Austin Church of Christ ended a month-long drive to collect baby items to donate for Rachel’s Hope with a potluck and baby shower on Sunday.

“It’s kind of pulled the congregation together over a single issue,” said Dave DeFor, a pastor at Austin Church of Christ.

“This is a project that’s not only been fun, but people have been very responsive,” he added.

More items were brought in Sunday, and the potluck was modeled after a baby shower with games, food and gifts for Rachel’s hope.

The congregation has been working to fill a crib displayed next to the pulpit. The crib is filled with crocheted blankets, clothing, stuffed animals, diapers and other items for Rachel’s Hope. In fact, the church has succeeded in filling the crib, and many items are displayed next to it.

“People from our congregation and outside have donated items to ‘Fill The Crib,’ and now we’re got a truckload to bring over there,” DeFor said.

“We’ve had a real good reception to the idea,” he added.

As of Friday, people had donated about 15 handmade blankets, many baby outfits, diapers and a large Clifford stuffed animal.

DeFor said it’s important for people who oppose abortion to support organizations like Rachel’s Hope that are dedicated to helping mothers with unplanned pregnancies.

Austin Church of Christ, located at 103 Second St. SW, will likely hold another “Fill The Crib” drive again in the future. DeFor said at least four other churches have expressed interest in holding a similar drive.

“It’s gone over very well, and people really like it,” he said.

“We were motivated to assist a group that was doing something positive in an era of rising teenage pregnancies,” he said.

Some members are planning to take training at Rachel’s Hope to be able to volunteer at the office.

Austin Church of Christ also recently gave money to the Haiti relief effort. DeFor described the congregation as being very giving.