Church members will head to Haiti to care for orphans

Published 6:51 am Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Three area volunteers will head to Haiti soon to care for orphans.

Jason Chandler and two other members of Faith Evangelical Free Church in Austin head to Haiti with 10 others from Becker, Minn. on Feb. 17 to volunteer with Jesus in Haiti ministries.

The Church will send another group of about 20 missionaries from Austin in July.

Both trips were planned before a 7.0 earthquake shattered much of Port au Prince on Jan. 12; the first trip was to be a sort of visionary or scouting mission for the second.

Both groups would have spent time working for Jesus in Haiti’s programs that include a Christian school, an orphanage, a church, a mission home and a mission of bringing food to those rummaging at garbage dumps.

“Our basic plans remain the same, the earthquake has only intensified them,” said Jason Chandler, an area financial advisor who will go on the trip this month.

Jesus in Haiti Ministries is located in Bon Repos, which is about 15 miles north of the capital.

Since the earthquake hit, the ministry has taken in several orphans, helped out other area orphanages and is currently working on plans to rebuild homes in the area.

Chandler said their original travel plans with American Airlines have been canceled, but they were able to book a flight with Missionary Flights International on a smaller plane, a Douglas DC-3.

“Some logistics have changed, but it is more important now than ever to go,” Chandler said.

“I imagine we’re going to be focusing on getting food and water to those who are starving.”

The transport of a 35,000-pound cargo case has been donated to Jesus In Haiti Ministries, and a clothing and baby supplies drive will likely be held through Faith Evangelical Free Church soon. Details have yet to be arranged.

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