Local youth reflect on 2009

Published 6:36 am Monday, January 4, 2010

While grown-ups may be busy thinking about what’s ahead, and what they should change in the coming year — kids are living in the moment and reflecting on good times had in 2009.

About 50 kids in Kids Korner — a before, after and off-days school program — made and decorated lists of their favorite memories of ‘09 last week.

Caleb Tapp, 11, wrote about the election of the first African-American president as well as some personal achievements — like making new friends and becoming better in social studies. He also listed that he had a fun time watching the Vikings and playing football himself, for the first time on an organized team.

Nine-year-old Alyssa LaPlant will remember 2009 as the year she moved to Austin. “I also got Mr. Sanford for my third-grade teacher and went to the roller rink!”

Lauren Pulliam, 8, was happy to make a trip to the IMax Theater and she will also remember 2009 as the year Michael Jackson died.

“I got to go to a hotel with Lauren!” said Brooklyn Brandt, 10. She also got Mrs. Deyo for a teacher. “She’s awesome.”

Samantha Sheldon was happy to get Mrs. Vogle as a teacher. She also fondly remembers making new friends and going to the roller rink. But, what marks 2009 for this 8-year-old is the death of MJ and the election of President Barack Obama.

Maddie Lenz and Cody Thompson both wrote “I hated green,” on their sheets. The dislike of the color is a happy memory for both. The two seven-and-a-half-year-olds said they are die-hard Vikings fans.

Maddie was also proud to learn her times tables, and Cody was happy to get a new dog.

“At first they were skeptical about the activity, but then they really enjoyed it,” site supervisor Kay Draayer said.

When the kids were finished writing their lists, they decorated them with markers and confetti before setting them out to dry.

When all of the sheets were set on a table, one could read that common memories for many kids were the inauguration of President Obama, MJ’s death, various Christmas gifts, well-liked teachers and even “Tiger Woods did bad things.”

Other happy individual answers included: “I got a boyfriend!” and “I learned to snap!”

Later in the afternoon, the kids were taking a field trip to see “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.”

Some kids had even left a space on their list — Just in case the movie ended up being that good.