LETTER: Coalition for immigration reduction says it operates on its own

Published 10:50 am Saturday, January 16, 2010

As founder of the Minnesota Coalition for Immigration Reduction, I would like to put to rest a rumor that we have heard. We are not affiliated with Sam Johnson and his group in any way.

MCFIR has 32 groups located in Minnesota, and we operate on our own. We started in May, 1994. The four things on our agenda are:

1. Stop illegal immigration.

2. No more amnesties for illegal aliens.

3. Reduce legal immigrants to 200,000 annually to the U.S.

4. Make English our official language.

You can contact us at MCFIR, P.O. Box 315, Austin, MN 55912. Also check us out at www.youtube.com.mincoalition.

We also have speakers available for groups on request.

Paul Westrum

Albert Lea