Brownsdale woman pleads not guilty to forgery

Published 7:19 am Friday, January 29, 2010

A Brownsdale woman accused of aggravated forgery after the Austin Medical Center reported an unpaid account to police pleaded not guilty Thursday.

The next court date for Maria Moreno Yazmin Perez, 30, has not been set.

According to a criminal complaint, an AMC employee contacted Austin police on Jan. 5 regarding an unpaid account in the name of “Eunice Marie Bautista.” Records show that name linked to a Dallas address, but also an address on Third Avenue Southeast in Austin.

Records also show the woman as a Hormel employee in Austin.

The hospital said they believed the same person received services on Dec. 23 under the Perez name. Perez is listed at 206 Grove St. in Brownsdale.

AMC said there were more than $5,000 in unpaid bills linked to the woman, as well as another $19,000 submitted via her employer’s insurance.

When contacted, Hormel confirmed that “Bautista” had been working at the company since August 2008.

Police also checked into the Third Avenue address linked to “Bautista” and discovered that a female relative of Perez’s was paying utility bills at the property.

Officers searched the Brownsdale home on Jan. 6 and found a number of documents in the house belonging to Perez, but also several belonging to “Bautista,” including a work ID and tax forms.