Austin, meet Lexi

Published 2:28 pm Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lexi, the first baby born at Austin Medical Center in 2010, has a fitting name for the first local baby of the new decade.

Laci Baumgartner found her newborn daughter’s name in the baby book given to her by her mother, Rachelle Root. The meaning of the name immediately caught her attention.

“The meaning of it just stood out,” she said. “It’s ‘defender of mankind,’ and I was just like, ‘that’s perfect, and it’d be perfect if it went with New Year’s.’ And that’s exactly what happened.”

“She’s very strong and healthy, so it fits her,” she added.

Lexi was born at 6:39 a.m. New Year’s Day.

Lexi’s father, Robert Ludvik, was also excited his daughter was the first baby born in the new decade.

“You are special,” Baumgartner said to her daughter.

Baumgartner rocked her sleeping daughter on Saturday in a pink blanket that highlighted the newborn’s rosy cheeks and matched a pink headband that wrapped around her dark hair.

“She’s finally here, and everything is great and happy,” Baumgartner said. “It’s just the most wonderful thing that ever happened.”

Baumgartner and Ludvik were both pleased Lexi was born healthy and strong. Baumgartner expected Lexi to be born at around 6 pounds, but she was born bigger at 7 pounds, 10 ounces and 18 inches long.

So far, Baumgartner was pleased to say Lexi hasn’t been fussy.

“Those days, my dear, are coming. I guarantee it,” Root responded.

Baumgartner wasn’t hoping Lexi would be the first AMC baby of 2010, as she just wanted Lexi to be born near her due date. Lexi was born right on schedule, Baumgartner said.

“I was just shooting for the due date with Lexi, so it was kind of nice I had the first baby,” she said.

A second expecting mother came into Austin Medical Center before Lexi was born, and Baumgartner said AMC staff told her she’d have competition for the first baby born at AMC in 2010.

For having Lexi first, AMC gave the parents a gift basket that included toys, blankets, diapers, wet wipes and a few books.

Many family members have already visited Lexi in the hospital, and now Baumgartner and Ludvik are looking forward to a few restful days at home with their newborn daughter.

Baumgartner and Ludvik plan to take Lexi home on Sunday.

During her first few weeks at home, Lexi will stay in Baumgartner’s room, but she’ll eventually move to her nursery that will either have a Winnie the Pooh theme or a basic pink theme.

Ludvik and Baumgartner have been dating for about a year. Ludvik is currently looking for work after he was one of the employees laid off from McDonalds when Courtesy Corp. took of the two Austin McDonalds.

Now that Lexi was born, Baumgartner plans to attend college and hopes to earn an associate’s degree.

Though it’s almost a year away, Ludvik is looking forward to Lexi’s first Christmas. Baumgartner said Lexi will be the perfect age for that occasion.

“I can’t wait for that,” she said. “That will be perfect timing. She’ll be a year and hopefully up and walking around and talking a little bit.”