Slick roads send vehicles into ditches; one truck rolls over

Published 6:39 am Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Icy conditions Monday into Tuesday put at least half a dozen Mower County drivers into ditches, including a truck that rolled over on County Road 61, the sheriff said.

None of the motorists were injured, but sheriff Terese Amazi said it is still very important for people to be well aware of potentially slick road conditions this time of year.

Being prepared includes having good tires, driving cautiously and not using cruise control, she said.

If a car does begin to slide, the sheriff said motorists should take their foot off the gas and try to right the vehicle without using the brakes.

In Mower County, several areas are notorious for icy conditions, Amazi said.

This includes Highway 218 near the Cedar Valley Conservation Club, County Road 61 north of the Hormel Nature Center and Highway 63 in the eastern part of the county.

Whipping winds and billowing snow can make “black ice” very dangerous in all three spots, the sheriff said.

“You don’t really see it until you’re sliding,” she said.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is also cautioning motorists about slick conditions in the southeastern part of the state because of freezing rain and light snow.

The department said some drivers may encounter brief road closures because of a high volume of crashes.

Mn/DOT is working to de-ice roadways, but the cold weather makes salt less effective. The recent high winds also create more ice on the roads.