Austin man faces forgery counts

Published 10:27 am Thursday, December 31, 2009

An Austin man faces multiple counts of felony forgery after someone told police they were suspicious of upstairs residents at 1300 Second Ave. SW.

Maurilio Quinones-Ramirez, 25, is scheduled to appear in court Thursday.

Det. Travis Heickley received a tip on Monday that two people — “Irene Franco” and “George Mata” — were living illegally in the upper-level apartment, according to a criminal complaint.

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Heickley did a database search on the names and discovered that “Franco” had multiple listed addresses, including one in Corpus Christi, Texas, that was linked to a deceased woman.

The Austin woman believed to be using the “Franco” alias has not yet been charged.

“Mata” also came back linked to multiple addresses, including one in Texas and one in Austin. Both were listed as current.

The detective contacted Quality Pork Processors in Austin about both names and was notified that they were current employees.

Heickley went to the plant and interviewed “Mata,” who said he was in fact Quinones-Ramirez. He said he bought a birth certificate and a social security card about five months ago, shortly after he came to Austin from Mexico.

Quinones-Ramirez said he used those documents to get a Minnesota ID and employment at QPP. He then re-sold the birth certificate and the Social Security card, according to the complaint.