Deputies shoot, kill llama Monday near Waltham

Published 10:52 am Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A llama that had gotten loose, disrupted traffic and evaded deputies near Waltham was shot and killed Monday.

Deputies unsuccessfully tried to tranquilize the animal before shooting it once on an abandoned road, Sheriff Terese Amazi said Tuesday.

On Saturday, deputies had tried to control the animal with Tasers near the intersection of county roads 1 and 16.

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The animal was disrupting traffic and trampling through yards after escaping from owner Belinda Hochstetler, of nearby 30925 560th Ave., according to a report.

The report does not indicate how the llama got loose.

Hochstetler told deputies that she understood the animal was being a nuisance and force was necessary in controlling it.

On Monday, residents reported that the llama was causing problems about a mile south of Saturday’s incident.

Amazi said deputies tried for about four hours to corral the animal and tranquilize it.

The sheriff said llama problems aren’t very common in Mower County but this particular animal has been a nuisance for about a week.