MnDOT may conduct speed study at Lansing intersection

Published 7:19 am Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mower County is asking the state department of transportation to conduct a speed study at a Lansing intersection in an effort to reduce the speed limit in the area.

On Tuesday, the county board approved a resolution asking MnDOT to conduct the study near county highways 25 and 2, an area that is mainly under a 30 mph limit but has one spot posted as 40 mph — which the board and county engineer Mike Hanson think doesn’t make sense, and could be unsafe.

“It appears to be warranted and logical,” Hanson said of the goal to bump down to 30 mph.

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First District Commissioner Tim Gabrielson said he’s received calls from concerned residents in the area, which has a day care nearby.

Though he didn’t know of any recent accidents at the intersection, Gabrielson said it’s smart and safe to change the limit now.

Hanson said he’s hopeful MnDOT —the agency that sets county road speed limits — does the test within a month.

According to the department of transportation, 30 mph is the most common statutory speed on streets in residential areas.

Hanson said the 40 mph sign at the intersection has been up since 1959.