Vendors travel far for Freedom Fest

Published 8:46 am Saturday, July 4, 2009

Gerald and Esmeralda Dennis made quite the trip for Freedom Fest.

The husband and wife came to Austin all the way from sunny Florida for the festival, and the two pitched a tent and sold some wind ornaments to boot.

The Dennis clan is on their way to visit their son near Fergus Falls, Minn., so on the way north, the two have been selling their unique “wind spinners.”

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The decorations spin briskly in the wind and radiate some cool colors in the sunlight. Esmeralda was quick to show off her American-shaped ornament Friday, and the two had a number of other designs available as well.

Esmeralda said she was familiar with Austin’s official food — Spam — as she’s made Spam sandwiches before. But a Spam Burger was something new to both her and her husband.

“I’m gonna get one of those hamburgers over there,” Gerald Dennis said Friday, gesturing toward the yellow and blue Spam booth.