Austin’s Thomsen wins four gold medals at Senior Games

Published 7:47 pm Thursday, July 23, 2009

Austin’s Dave Thomsen won four gold medals for bike racing at the Senior Games in Alexandria Minnesota Thursday and Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Thomsen, 69, took first overall in a five-kilometer time trial and third overall in a 40K road race. He took first in his age group of 50 and older in both events to win two medals.

On Thursday, he took first overall in a 10K time trial and third overall in a 20K road race. He won both events for his age group.

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The road race on Thursday came down to a sprint over the last quarter-mile on a hill, and Thomsen couldn’t quite keep up.

“I think I got used a little bit in the road races,” Thomsen said. “People see how well you do in the time trials and they want to follow you to keep pace until the end.”

After sustaining an injury from a crash on his bike last Fall, Thomsen, who has won six Masters National Time Trials in his career, has taken it easy this summer.

“I might have one more race left in me this summer, but not much more,” he said.