Staff request pay freezes

Published 9:59 am Wednesday, June 10, 2009

All 24 members of Austin Public Schools’ leadership team have requested a pay freeze that will save the district about $91,265 in 2009-10.

Interim superintendent Bruce Anderson made the announcement during a school board meeting Monday night.

“We are living in very difficult times,” Anderson said. “I think this sacrifice … says a lot about why students are doing so well in this district.”

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The central office staff previously requested freezes; other administrators, including non-unit staff, recently joined the cost-saving measure, said Chris Picha, director of human resources.

Those who have requested pay freezes include:

John Alberts, director, educational services

Amy Baskin, director, community education and communications

Tim Hermann, director, activities

Chris Picha, director, human resources

Danielle Theis, director, special services

Lori Volz, director, finance and operations

Brad Bergstrom, Austin High School principal

Katie Berglund, Ellis Middle School principal

Jayne Gibson, Banfield Elementary principal (former Woodson Kindergarten principal)

Edwina Harder, Southgate Elementary principal (former Sumner Elementary principal)

Jean McDermott, Woodson principal (former Neveln Elementary principal)

Deb Meyer, former Banfield principal

Mark Randall, former Southgate principal

Dewey Schara, EMS assistant principal

David Reaves, AHS assistant principal

Katie Jerlow, AHS assistant principal

Jason Senne, AHS assistant principal/Area Learning Center

Corey Haugen, coordinator, data/assessment/instructional technology

Mary Weikum, director, food and nutrition services

Mat Miller, director, facility services

Tony Campbell, technology coordinator

Jessica Cabeen, special services supervisor-secondary

Sheri Willrodt, special services supervisor-elementary

Jennifer McIntyre, special services supervisor-early childhood