LETTER: Cuts alone won’t fix it

Published 9:58 am Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In the next couple days, critical decisions will be made about the state budget. We need Gov. Pawlenty and state leaders to support a balanced solution that raises revenue fairly and cuts wasteful spending.

When Gov. Pawlenty challenged state employee unions to come up with ways to save the state money, we answered that challenge. In fact, we found $350 million in potential savings over the biennium. That includes $240 million in uncollected revenues, much in the form of employers not paying unemployment taxes, plus streamlining bloated management to the tune of $110 million in savings.

Cuts alone won’t fix the deficit. We also need to raise revenue fairly. We need the state’s wealthiest residents to start paying their fair share. It’s the only way to invest in a better future and save the public services that families need most during tough times.

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Wanda Lunning