‘Green’ effort must continue

Published 9:41 am Wednesday, May 13, 2009

When gas prices soared last summer beyond $4 a gallon, there was an increased interest in hybrid vehicles in an aim to both benefit the environment and the wallet of the car owner.

“Going Green” in everything we do should be a priority all-year long, whether it’s with the vehicle we drive, recycling more or using solar energy as a way to reduce the production of burning fossil fuels.

And the effort needs to continue even when gas prices decrease and the economy improves.

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Austin is on the right track.

On Monday, Kelly Lady, energy services consultant for Austin Utilities, delivered rebate checks to Good Earth Natural Foods, the Jay C. Hormel Nature Center and Worlein Funeral Home for their participation in Austin Utilities’ Solar Choice program, which benefits customers who choose to use renewable energy products.

In addition, Austin has been ranked No. 28 in the nation on the Cars.com Green Cities Index, which ranks cities across the country based on their interest in going green behind the wheel.

The rankings are based on Internet search for hybrid cars, not on actual sales, but Austin still beat out Portland, Maine, Burlington Vt. and Raleigh-Durham N.C., along with more than 100 others on the list.

Going Green is crucial to any community because it helps attract potential homebuyers and new residents and helps maintain the beauty of the surroundings for the ones who already call it home.