LSS seeks flood recovery help

Published 1:30 pm Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, a major provider of Disaster Response in Minnesota, provides clean-up, long-term recovery and special support to children in communities affected by natural disasters.

Currently, LSS is calling on congregations statewide to mobilize volunteer teams to prepare for deployment to the Red River Valley for clean-up and long-term recovery work.

Following a significant natural disaster, LSS works in affected areas over many months, sometimes years, to provide case management and help local residents navigate paperwork, access loans, make important decisions about their future and coordinate volunteer teams to rebuild homes over the long-term.  Volunteers may be needed for this work in coming weeks.

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LSS also trains volunteer teams to offer Camp Noah, a week-long, faith-based day camp designed to help elementary-age children recover emotionally and spiritually after a flood disaster.  Congregations that are interested in assembling a Camp Noah team or volunteering for clean-up and rebuilding recovery efforts are encouraged to sign up via the LSS Web site at aster.  LSS will be contacting volunteers directly to provide them with the latest information about upcoming needs.

Donations can be received online by visiting or by mailing a check payable to Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, 2485 Como Ave. Saint Paul, MN 55108.  Designate the gift to “Disaster Response.”