Stop behind school buses

Published 10:35 am Wednesday, December 10, 2008

There seems to be a disturbing trend in Austin. Some motorists, for whatever reasons, are driving right past school buses when the vehicles stop to let children get on or get off.

Last week, one driver was cited for doing so, and not long after, another vehicle did it right in front of the Herald.

While it may look safe to pass, it isn’t.

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You never know which direction a youngster is headed or if his or her parents are coming from the other direction to pick them up or to drop them off.

In winter weather, it’s even more dangerous.

Trying to get somewhere a few seconds quicker is hardly worth risking injury or the life of a child, a parent or a bus driver.

Do us a favor. Please stop behind school buses when their stop arms are displayed.

It’s simply common sense.