Taopi has a new mayor, city clerk — sort of

Published 10:31 am Friday, November 7, 2008

Politicians are accused of “flip-flopping” on issues.

Two Mower County politicians made a literal flip-flop in the 2008 State General Election.

James Kiefer did not seek re-election as mayor of Taopi.

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Mary Huntley did not seek re-election as Taopi’s city clerk.

Instead, both ran for each other’s office: Kiefer for clerk and Huntley for mayor.

“We just decided to switch jobs,” Kiefer said.

The pair are brother and sister.

Kiefer was elected mayor of Taopi in 1984. Huntley was elected treasurer in 1976.

When they leeave their current offices in January 2009, Kiefer and Huntley had served as mayor and clerk, respectively, the longest period of time in any Mower County municipality.

Also this election year, Ed Koppen decided not to run for re-election as LeRoy’s mayor after 16 years at the city’s helm.

Here are municipal election results from Mower County communities outside Austin:

Adams: LeRoy Swanson, incumbent, defeated challenger Helen Weber, 202 to 175.

Two incumbent city council members, Mark Anderson and Barry Kurtz, won re-election with 311 and 264 votes, respectively.

Brownsdale: Incumbent mayor Robert Luthe was re-elected mayor with 126 votes.

Incumbent council members Dave Pike, 216, and Paul Fischer, 167, were re-elected to council posts.

A total of 362 votes were cast.

Elkton: Mike O’Connor was elected mayor with 49 votes.

Rod Sprau was re-elected to the city council with 51 votes.

Neither was opposed in Tuesday’s election.

Grand Meadow: Incumbent mayor James Baudoin was re-elected with 481 votes.

Elaine Iverson, an incumbent, was returned to the city council with 254 votes.

Doug Edge, a challenger, was elected to the council with 196 votes.

Three other candidates for council posts received 130 votes or more and a fourth received 89, all in losing causes.

LeRoy: Kathy Farlinger, a council member, was elected mayor with 227 votes.

Brandon Vreeman received 214, Harold Shipman, 316, and Georgia Bird incumbent, 230, were elected to terms on the LeRoy City Council.

James Loven received 150 votes in a losing cause.

The mayor’s term is two years in length. The council terms are four years.

Lyle: Jim Guthmiller was elected mayor with 228 votes.

Gary Harrison, a challenger, was elected to the council with 166 votes.

Steve Bauman was re-elected to the council with 111 votes.

Rose Creek: Incumbent mayor Peter Kuhlman was re-elected mayor without opposition. He had 178 votes.

Incumbents Kent Ulwelling and Wendell Sprung won re-elected to the city council without opposition. Ulwelling received 144 votes and Sprung, 189.

The city recorded an 85 percent voter turnout.

Sargeant: James Jensen was re-elected mayor with 29 votes.

Alberta Bungum, 27 votes, and Lawrence Wood, 25, were re-elected to the city council.

Taopi: Mary Huntley was elected mayor with 23 votes. There were 18 write-ins.

James Kiefer was elected city clerk with 33 votes. There were no write-ins.

Terry Eischens was re-elected city council member with 26 votes. There were 11 council write-ins.

Waltham: Incumbent mayor Norbert Eggert won re-election with 78 votes.

Incumbent city council members Justin Wood, 58, and Erik Peterson, 54, won re-election.