Letter: It shouldn’t take this long

Published 10:54 am Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I am so tired of these political campaigns. We have been abused by these campaigns for an eternity. I will be so glad after the elections are done so we can get back to the fertilizer commercials (at times it is hard to know the difference between the political and fertilizer commercials).

My prediction for the next presidential campaign is this: On July 4, 2010, 50 U.S. senators will declare for the presidency. After much jockeying, Iowa will win the right to hold the first primary in January 2011. Can you visualize the 20 “debate” during the campaign with 25 candidates hosted by 10 talking heads? I do not know which would be more ridiculous — the debate lasting just one hour, or eight hours with no potty breaks.

We need to limit the amount of time for these campaigns. It takes nine months to produce a baby. We should be able to elect a president in that amount of time. We should have five months for the primaries and four months for the actual campaign. If the candidates can not tell us clearly what they are going to do in four months, they are stupid. If we can not understand what the candidates are proposing in four months, we are not any smarter.

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We should also limit the amount of money they can spend. The billions that were spent this time is obscene and a huge waste of money. Then these are politicians so maybe they do not understand about wasting money. I can think of lots of better ways to spend this money. I would propose that each candidate get $1 a day but that would never go.

Alas, I think the next election will be even longer than this one. I hope they wait at least until July 4, 2010 to start this nonsense.

Dr. Stephen DeFor