Letter: Obama’s the right choice

Published 10:23 am Friday, October 24, 2008

I believe that Barack Obama and John McCain are both good, honorable men who want the best for their country. However, it seems clear now that only one of them has the temperament to lead America in this time of turmoil and uncertainty.

As I have watched Barack Obama, from the primary battles through the debates with John McCain, I am convinced he has a quiet resolve and a spine of steel. He has, amazingly, kept his cool through the pressure-cooker of intense attacks and criticism from McCain and Palin and their surrogates.

When McCain’s popularity soared after choosing Sarah Palin, some were frightened and begged him to get tough and to angrily attack Palin. But Obama refused to bow to that pressure. Instead, he continued to guide his campaign with a steady hand, determined to retain his long-standing message of unity, hope and change.

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In contrast, John McCain has been erratic and unpredictable, changing positions on the economy by the hour, presenting hastily prepared plans for the economy, and even stopping his campaign to lurch back to Washington when he was not needed.

Franklin Roosevelt led our country through the Great Depression and World War II with an optimistic, calm, and reassuring manner and a message of hope. He told Americans they had “nothing to fear but fear itself.”

Unlike Roosevelt, unfortunately, McCain and his party have chosen not to calm our fears, but rather to encourage them.

America is in crisis, and Barack Obama has what it takes to successfully guide us through it. That is why he and Joe Biden will have my very enthusiastic vote on Nov. 4.

Jim Gurley