Austin man charged with drug crimes

Published 12:16 pm Thursday, August 21, 2008

An Austin man faces three sets of criminal charges in Mower County District Court, two stemming from drugs and a third from an alleged assault.

Armando Gonzalez Jr., 19, pleaded not guilty Aug. 14 to single counts of second-degree and third degree drug crimes, which stem from his role in several alleged transactions in March. He appears today on a fifth-degree drug possession charge from April, and on Friday for two felony assault charges filed in July.

According to the criminal complaint detailing his most recent set of drug charges, Gonzalez accompanied an individual, known as “Drums,” to two methamphetamine deals with a confidential police informant.

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During the first transaction, the complaint said Gonzalez was the driver and “Drums” the passenger of a vehicle involved in a meth sale of 1.6 grams March 18.

The informant allegedly called the defendant the “source” of the drugs.

On March 21, he allegedly arrived with a male in a white Cadillac after the informant made an arrangement with “Drums” to purchase methamphetamine at 707 10th St. N.E. The informant bought an “eight ball,” or 3.6 grams.

“Drums” was not identified in the complaint.

Gonzalez has already pleaded not guilty in his two other criminal files. He is scheduled to appear for pretrial this week for both.

His next court date for his latest drug charge is a pretrial Oct. 10.