Letter: Paradise must be as easy as said

Published 9:16 am Friday, July 4, 2008


After reading “Declaration of Independents” (letter to the editor, Herald, July 1) I now know that a perfect paradise on Earth can be realized in just a few short years simply by following the recommendations of C. H. Stevens.

Little did we know just how easy it all can be.

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Countless decades of dashed hopes and dismay at the human condition, all the struggles and disaffections of our planet, all the well-meaning but fruitless efforts of governments, human organizations, and an endless array of great-thinkers can be wiped away in an instant simply by proclaiming to the party “conventions” that we’d like it to be different … that we want Nirvana, and we want it now!

The only thing Mr. Stevens didn’t promise us is that we will all be wickedly wealthy and never again have a single care in this world.

Well …“let’s do it!

Why didn’t anyone ever before see how simple it all is?

Now, if I could just get some of that stuff he’s smokin’…

Jerry D. Ames