Letter: Community is fortunate to have center

Published 1:52 pm Saturday, July 26, 2008

We have never heard parents explain divorce and the impact to be “easy” for themselves or for their children.

A week ago, my colleagues and I were invited to tour the Michael H. Seibel Family Visitation and Exchange Center. As professionals and members of the Austin Community we would like to thank and congratulate the members of the consortium who have guided and obviously put much thought, dedication and passion into such a wonderful project.

Our community is fortunate to have members who thrive on being mission-driven and compassionate in keeping our youth and families safe during uncertain circumstances. During the tour, We heard language such as “allowing for them (parents and children) to keep their dignity,” “being sure the children connect with our staff,” “having space for the families to spend quality time,” and “teaching rather than judging.” How refreshing to hear protective and purposeful drive for this center.

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Once again, our thanks to all of the consortium members, to Heather, Andy and Kathy and to the late Honorable Judge Seibel and his family. What an honor to have your spirit and his legacy continuing to move our community to a safer richer place for our families.


Janice Green, Sandy Jarvis, Darcee Brooks

Mower County