Letter: Lutherans: Take note of study

Published 3:28 pm Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fellow Lutherans,

In April we attended an ELCA South East Synod meeting in Owatonna, on what was called a hearing on the “Third Sexuality Study” the ELCA is conducting. They have studied this civil issue since 2001 at the expense of all parishioners. The last two studies were voted down by the members that were aware of the studies, but they continued with the third study. All three studies, while very ardent in their cause, seem just repetitious and redundant language with basically no fact.

On the subject of our fellow church members being informed about what is going on — the April hearing was proof that as a whole, the churches are not informed. Less than 40 people were there- which was representation for 183 churches in the S.E. Synod. Included in that number were officers from the Rochester Synod office, member from the S.E. Synod Council, a few Bishops and Pastors and of course those of us who were alerted by concerned church members.

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If you are interested in reading and responding to the “third study,” you must do so before Nov. 1, 2008. The church did have copies available of the first two studies for $1.50 each. The third one however, you must get off the Internet or contact Augsburg Fortress.

The ELCA proceeded in 1997 to promote what they called “Social Statements” — the sexuality issue is one. They now are into Environmental (That statement took precedence at the S.E. Synod Assembly) and Immigration — all civil issues. Shouldn’t we be more into spiritual statements?

Margaret Clark