Letter: Flood prevention efforts were promised

Published 1:37 pm Friday, June 13, 2008

What’s wrong with the people who “run” the city of Austin? Do you think taking out the bridges will solve the flood problem? There’s only a few that wanted it done. You bought all those houses and spent all that money when you could have used it for working on flood control. I know the Hardy Geranium was offered money to move, but it wasn’t as much as she paid for the building to begin with! She usually gets a call to warn her of the rising river but never got a call. The water came up so fast she didn’t have time to get a lot of things out. They were there at 6:00 but by then the water was at the building and the trucks couldn’t get things out.

The next time there is a flood you can come and help move everything out. If you had to go through this just once I’m sure things would change.

What happened to the tax money for the flood improvements? I haven’t seen any.

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Darlene Trimble