Study may help teens quit smoking

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 16, 2002

The Austin School Board made the right move at Monday night's board meeting by approving a study to be conducted by the Mayo Clinic to look into ways to help reduce teen smoking.

Austin High School principal Joe Brown told the board that at least one-third of high school students have used tobacco products. The school has a strict policy for students not to use tobacco. Athletes are held to an even higher standard, as they're kicked off the team if they are caught using tobacco.

Brown told the board members that there have been some students coming in to ask for options to help them stop smoking.

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The survey would look into ways students could stop smoking. Some students will be given a low-dosage drug, while others will be given a placebo. The bottom line is that even though the results may not be immediate, they could help solve this problem in the future.

High school personnel and board members should be applauded for being proactive and helping find ways for students to stop smoking.