Security important at AHS

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 31, 2002

When classes for Austin HIgh School students start Tuesday, more cameras will be watching students as they head to and from class.

At first the thought of more cameras monitoring students may make some people wary. Some might think the use of security cameras has gone too far.

However, the high school has installed the cameras in the hallways, stairways, gymnasium and cafeteria. They are not installed in classrooms or offices, preserving personal privacy.

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The cameras, according to Principal Joe Brown have cut down on the number of discipline problems. This obviously benefits administrators and faculty, but students also benefit from less disruptions and a safer environment.

Of course, the school cannot rely wholly on cameras to look out for the students. And AHS has put policies in place recently to stop harassment and theft.

One of these policies has to do with locker security.

Previously, students were allowed to bring their own padlocks for lockers to school. As a result, some students shared lockers and 77 students had items stolen from their lockers.

Last year the school provided locks for each students and were urged not to give the combinations out. The result was only seven reported locker break-ins.

With the new cameras and recent policies, AHS is on the right track to establishing a safer school. These procedures and policies should make students and faculty accountable for their actions and lead to an enjoyable school year for everyone at the high school.