Super Mom may help out son

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 27, 2002

This is not a political endorsement.

I feel sorry for Senator Grace Schwab. Terry Kelley, too.

They don't have Dan Sparks' mom on their side this election year.

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This is not a political endorsement.

Mr. Sparks is the DFL-endorsed candidate for the District 27 Senate seat held by Republican Schwab.

Mr. Kelley promises he will take his unsuccessful bid for his party's

nomination to the State DFL Primary in September.

It doesn't make any difference as far as Super Mom Sparks is concerned. She works as the administrator for the Minnesota Senate's telecommunications, energy and utilities


Super Mom has been there, done that. She's ready to take on the world.

This is not a political endorsement.

"Some moms at the State Capitol sell Girl Scout cookies for their daughters, raffle tickets for their sons' hockey teams or Christmas wreaths for their kids' schools," said Mrs. Sparks.

"Not this mom. I've been at the Capitol for 12 years just waiting for the chance to ask my friends to give my son money," she said jokingly …. I think.

This is not a political endorsement.

Her son is running for a Senate district that has a mix of 47 percent registered DFLers, 39.8 percent Republican and 5.7 percent others, so the political activist and lobbyist mother thinks her son has a good chance of winning the election. However, she is worried if that happens, she won't be able to tell anyone she's 39 when her 33-year-old son shows up to serve in the Minnesota Legislature.

This is not a political endorsement.

Super Mom claims her son "has learned from the best." She said, "His idols have been my former boss, Governor Rudy Perpich, and my current boss, Senator Jim Metzen. His role models and best friends at the Capitol through the years have been the 'Old Room 303 Gang." That includes State Senators Jim Metzen and Deanna Wiener and the late Sam Solon. Political heavyweights one and all.

This is not a political endorsement.

The mother draws comparisons between her son and the politicians:

Banker, real estate agent and went to college to be a teacher and coach. In addition, her son, the candidate, has helped his grandfather -- Faye's father -- on his Hayfield farm each summer since he was a little boy.

This is not a political endorsement.

Then, Super Mom goes for broke and announced a fund-raiser for her son at Moose Country on Sibley Memorial Highway.

This is not a political endorsement.

According to Super Mom, the suggested donation of $100 is fully-refundable from the state unless "you're a lobbyist."

The mother mailed 350 invitations and expects Lola and Rudy Perpich Jr., among others, at the fund-raiser.

To reinforce her support for her son, the candidate, Super Mom includes a miniature poster of family photos entitled "The Making of a Senator."

Quite frankly, I'd like to have been there Wednesday. I might have a little trouble sneaking the $100 campaign contribution by the bookkeeper on my expense sheet. Since claiming $500 to rent a Holstein cow to practice for a milking contest at the Mower County Fair last summer, I've been reluctant to push my luck any further.

Alas, I couldn't make it last night. Duty called.

I was undercover on assignment at Renova, acting on an anonymous tip, that has huge implications.

The Mower County Commissioners were rumored to be going on a snipe hunt.

That is a political denouncement.

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