China visit needs to be worth it

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 14, 2002

Gov. Jesse Ventura's current visit to China may be a good idea right now. However, with Minnesota still mired in a economic slowdown, it would be nice for Ventura to bring back some results on why it was worth him to leave this state for eight days.

Ventura is in China, leading a 100-member delegation that includes dozens of executives from Minnesota companies. There's no doubt that this mission will be beneficial, somehow, to this state.

But we'd like to see results. Specifically, more jobs to produce goods that China wants.

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Earlier today, Ventura presided over the opening of two Minneapolis law firms in Shanghai. That's awful nice of Ventura to do that. But will presiding over a grand opening of a law office bring more jobs to this region? Some could make the same argument when Ventura visited a Hormel plant earlier in the week. However, comparing the two in terms of revenue for this state is not even close, or fair.

We're not trying to slam Ventura's China's visit. In fact, we couldn't agree more that this is a prime opportunity for Ventura to make this state look good to a world power. But the fact remains is that money talks. If Ventura is able to bring back hard evidence that this trade mission was worth him being gone for more than a week, then it was worth it.

If not, then he should not only apologize to this citizens of this state, but inform taxapyers that he won't waste anymore of their time by not running again for office.