Decision by Rietz is applauded

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 10, 2002

It's tough to be a politician. It's a thankless job, with endless hours and an inability to satisfy all sides. More often than not the demands of the position keep qualified candidates on the sidelines.

The lack of quality candidates makes it imperative we keep the good politicians we already have interested in seeking office again.

That's why were glad to hear Mayor Bonnie Rietz has contemplated running again and has decided to indeed seek re-election.

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We're not sure if anyone will run against Rietz, but at the very least the mayor's decision insures a quality candidate and person will be in the race.

While we don't always see eye-to-eye with the mayor, we respect the job she has done and the enthusiasm she has brought to the position. It is clear she has learned a lot during her tenure and continues to do so.

Her thoughts in Thursday's Herald regarding her vision for Austin's future, demonstrate she is a leader capable of articulating and developing a long-range plan. The key for Austin, and the mayor, is executing such a plan.

We agree the mayor has accomplished a great deal in regards to beautification of Austin and community-betterment projects. Austin's future development depends on meatier issues such as economic development, job development, police protection and community diversity.

The person elected as Austin's mayor in November will also face budget challenges as a result of tough economic times, and the State Legislature's inability to solve its own budget crisis.

If the mayor wins re-election she won't have an easy job. It will again be thankless.

If Mayor Rietz is fortunate to win re-election Austin residents can be sure their mayor will greet the challenges with a smile and a quality person will occupy the chair.