Decision had to be made

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 11, 2002

It's always tough to have it both ways. And for Mower County Transit's future and county residents, the awarding of a service contract to a Freeborn County Agency appears to have been the right move.

It's a credit to Mower County Transit and its former director, Kim Jensen, on how quickly and valuable this service has become to Austin and the surrounding communities.

However, with skyrocketing insurance and other costs, it wasn't going to be financially feasible for this program to continue without additional costs being passed on to taxpayers.

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That's where Freeborn County Community Action stepped in, offering county commissioners one price to pay to run the service.

It's a tough call: Move this money out of county to help this valuable service grow, or restrict it by keeping things as they have been, which eventually means higher costs that would have been absorbed by taxpayers.

We think commissioners did right by choosing the former. Let's hope the results will be there to justify this decision.