Burglary at Kentucky Fried Chicken

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 11, 2001

Kentucky Fried Chicken was burglarized overnight Saturday and it may have been an inside job.

Monday, June 11, 2001

Kentucky Fried Chicken was burglarized overnight Saturday and it may have been an inside job.

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No forcible entry was discovered at the restaurant in the northwest corner of the OakPark Mall parking lot. Also, an assistant manager is missing a set of keys to the business.

The burglary was discovered Sunday morning by an assistant manager reporting to work after another assistant manager called her from her residence to say her set of keys was missing.

According to an Austin Police Department report, $4,091 in cash and checks, plus coins is missing. The money came from restaurant receipts on Friday and Saturday.

The money was taken from a cash drawer inside an office that was normally kept locked.

Vehicles vandalized

Austin police received several reports of vandalism to motor vehicles over the weekend.

According to Austin Police Department reports, the vandalism occurred in the 700 block of Fifth Street NW.

In each case, long scratches were left in the surface of the vehicles.

Daylight stabbing

A dispute over a mutual female acquaintance led to the stabbing of an Austin man.

David Hare, 19 of Austin, told an Austin Police Department investigator he was walking along Fourth Street NW Friday afternoon near 3:46 p.m., when another man, Shawn Cook, 29, came upon him and a verbal argument ensued over a mutual girlfriend.

According to Hare, Cook punched him in the face and brandished a Swiss Army knife, which he then cut him with on the arm before leaving the area.

When police officers, when to the residence Cook shares with his father, the admitted striking Hare, but not using a knife to harm him.

He was taken into custody and transported to the Austin – Mower County Law Enforcement Center and jailed pending a court appearance on assault charges.

Hare did not require hospitalization for his wounds, according to the police report.

Random shooting

An Austin man, Terry Shabacker, 51, reported finding a bullet hole in the windshield of his vehicle parked outside his northwest Austin residence.

When Austin Police Department officers investigated, they determined the trajectory of the gunshot indicated it came from two houses away on Second Avenue NW and went to investigate.

Officers went to the residence of Kathy Hedrick, where they saw an upstairs window open and figures moving in the shadows.

Mrs. Hedrick, who admitted she is on probation for a felony conviction, yelled, according to the police report, for her son, Dwight, 19, to come down stairs.

She also advised her son the mother hoped he did not have any firearms, because he was on probation for felony auto theft and so was she.

Police discovered a loaded .22 caliber rifle in Dwight Hedrick’s bedroom plus 100 rounds of ammunition and a BB gun.

Hedrick admitted firing the rifle into the early evening sky once and then firing at random in the neighborhood. He told police he was not aiming at any target.

The weapons and ammunition were seized and Dwight Hedrick was arrested.