City Council ready for a marathon session

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 16, 2000

Monday’s City Council meeting promises to be a long one, with 34 items on the agenda.

Saturday, December 16, 2000

Monday’s City Council meeting promises to be a long one, with 34 items on the agenda.

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Important issues raised during recent committee meetings will be addressed including:

– A public hearing and resolution to make the area originally known as the Cook Farm, now known as Murphy’s Creek, a tax increment finance district.

Taxes levied after any development is complete will be higher than when the area was undeveloped land. When an area becomes a tax increment district, the money raised through the increase in taxes is used to provide assistance to pay for a portion of the development.

– A resolution approving a two-tiered insurance premium increase for city retirees.

The state of the city’s health insurance is such that premium costs must be raised for retirees. The plan to be approved will increase premiums in January 2001 and again in July 2001. Despite the increase, the plan will not be in the black for the coming year.

– Public hearings and resolutions on two variance requests, concerning Steven Carroll and Jon Boyer.

Carroll requested a 620-square-foot variance from the Austin Planning Commission on Dec. 12 and was denied. Boyer requested a variance for 13 percent greenspace on his property. Boyer’s request was approved at the planning commission meeting.

– Recognition of city of Austin retirees, including four police department staff members.

– Discussion of three claims against the city, for property damage or personal injury.

– A motion to approve Mayor Bonnie Rietz’s board and commission appointments.

– A motion to increase the mileage reimbursement rate from 32.5 cents to 34.5 cents, in keeping with that of the increased federal standard.

– A resolution granting 2001 off- and on-sale liquor licenses.

– A motion to approve the appointment of Officer Mark Haider as a sergeant/investigator.

– A resolution to approve the revised by-laws of the Austin part-time Firefighters Relief Association.

– Two ordinance requests, one repealing Access Austin and another to allow Star City to haul waste material to a location 20 miles from Austin.

Access Austin was created to advise the city about handicapped access issues. The original ordinance for establishment was dated Oct. 15, 1995. This was approved at the Ordinance Committee meeting Dec. 11, as was Star City’s request.

– A resolution to approve sewer user fees.

A connection charge of $6.10 per month will be made for each meter used, along with a rate of $1.66 per 100 cubic feet of water metered per month. Further provisions of the agreement are expected to be explained during the meeting.

The City Council will meet at 5:30 p.m. Monday in the Council Chambers.