Bonorden makes Christmas wishes for Mower County

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 30, 2000

Let’s face it: the city of Austin has everything.

Thursday, November 30, 2000

Let’s face it: the city of Austin has everything.

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Any community that can boast one Mayor Bonnie, one SPAMTOWN Belle and one Tender Maid Sandwich Shop has it all.

We got it all: a mayor who can sing and play the guitar, a boat with more captains than passengers and a little restaurant that may be the best-kept secret in the community.

But, what about the rest of Mower County? They deserve some attention, too.

Here are my Christmas wishes for all the other fine communities in Mower County:

Adams – This is not just a city, it’s an adventure. Some people think New York City or Washington, D.C., are the epicenter of the world. I say it’s American Legion Post No. 146, when all the bright minds get together. Put Tom Mullenbach, Aaron Huseby and Jim Sathre in the same room and they can change the world. For Adams, I wish a new emergency services building, that doubles as an Adams Township Hall.

Brownsdale – The biggest little city in Mower County deserves a restaurant on main street, where people can sit and talk about important things like what keeps Mayor Marvin Foster running.

Dexter – Success for Mike Schneider’s proposed new bank and a new law barring Mayor Bubba from dressing as a woman at the annual variety show.

Elkton – A nice, clean, quiet business in the former middle school building the Sprau brothers are renovating, plus a new restaurant in the old Port building. One that lasts.

Grand Meadow – Discovery of an oil well when they start excavating the new K-12 school site to help the good folks in this fine community pay for their monolithic domed school.

Johnsburg – Good health for the unofficial mayor, police chief and goodwill ambassador of this stateline community: the one and only Sam Mullenbach.

Lansing – What else? A new municipal water system just so Harold Boverhuis can get on with his life.

LeRoy – One of those dot-com billionaires should get lost here some day and discover what a fine community this would make for a new business.

Lyle – Some scientist to clone Louis "Tip" Taylor and send copies of this prince of a gentleman to anyplace that needs the embodiment of an active senior citizen. Tip is tops.

Mapleview – A nice little housing project tucked away in some corner along the Cedar River.

Racine – One of those motorists speeding along U.S. Highway 63 to notice the 7th Rib sign and discover one of the best restaurants anywhere. Maybe, an out-of-work Al Gore?

Rose Creek – Other communities should send somebody here to see how this town mourns the loss of its young. The Dustin Rosel memorial in Rose Creek City Park is evidence that these good people care.

Sargeant – A return of the town’s popular Turkey Day celebration for one-time only to celebrate the completion of the Great River Energy Pleasant Valley station that will put Sargeant and its neighbor, Dexter, on the map forever.

Taopi – You can’t stop Jim Kiefer. You can only contain him. Nobody works harder for his community than the mayor, who would like to see the town grow. Unfortunately, there’s no room to build a home in Taopi, so I wish the City Council would consider annexing Adams.

Waltham – A surprise appearance by Gov. Jesse Ventura on next year’s Sweet Corn Day, then the guv can see just how rural Minnesota lives and enjoys small- town life.

Of course, every one of these towns is quite good enough the way they are right now.

I just wish to polish the apples of this reporter’s eyes in some way.

Sorry, banning Lee Bonorden from your town is not an option.