E-85 helps farmers and environment

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 1, 2000

Maybe it’s not as efficient, but E-85 is still worthwhile.

Tuesday, August 01, 2000

Maybe it’s not as efficient, but E-85 is still worthwhile.

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The cleaner burning fuel helps to protect the environment. That means less pollution in the air and fewer pollutants to run off into our lakes and streams.

One of the biggest benefits of E-85, of course, goes to farmers who produce the corn used in the ethanol-making process. In a time when prices are low, farmers need every outlet available to them to sell their crops.

Of course, the motorists who own vehicles that can run off of the E-85 fuel notice economic benefits as well. Saving a nickel a gallon can really help when filling up a large gas tank in a pick up truck or SUV.

Minnesota is fortunate to be one of the test sites, with only 35 gas stations in the state offering the alternative.

Austin residents are lucky to have a station here in town that offers E-85.

Severson Oil on Fourth Street NW sells E-85 because, according to Tom Severson, they feel a commitment to the city and the environment.

If you have a newer vehicle and you’re not sure if it can use E-85, check it out.

You’ll be saving yourself some money, and you’ll be helping farmers and saving the environment.

With America’s dependency on big oil, it’s nice that residents now have a choice and that they can help local farmers.