Vision 2020

Council approves Vision 2020 trail sign

The Austin City Council approved a Vision 2020 project Monday to put a new Welcome to Austin sign on the trailhead recently constructed near the ... Read more | Add your comment

Groups provide newcomer resource

Some of you are hearing buzzwords around town like “community concierge” and “Awesome Austin.” Here’s a bit of information to help explain one of our ... Read more | Add your comment

Housing, Vision 2020 among council 2015 goals

Economic development, housing and Vision 2020 are among the Austin City Council’s top priorities this year. Council members reviewed various goals and long-term plans Wednesday ... Read more | Add your comment

Entrepreneurs critical to success

Entrepreneurs have long been recognized as a critical piece in the economic success of a community. Traditional strategies of access to credit and business consulting ... Read more | Add your comment

Awesome event returns to connect new residents; Event returns to introduce people to Austin

Austin is again looking to help connect new residents to the community. The Austin Area Chamber of Commerce is inviting new residents to participate in ... Read more | Add your comment