Summer games on the horizon

The summer is not always kind to the gaming industry. July and August typically mark a dry period for new games released to the market, ... Read more | Add your comment

Crowd funding not quite right for smaller games

The Internet seemed to explode, and rightly so, when Koji Igarashi announced his newest game project via Kickstarter. The creative mind behind the “Castlevania” series, ... Read more | Add your comment

Marvel success in movies, ‘Carnage’ in games

Marvel is all the rage these days as “The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron” takes the world by storm. Yet Marvel hasn’t always had success ... Read more | Add your comment

A worthy model to explore

There’s a lot of talk lately about modding, the action of changing or creating a feature within an already existing game. Some people may not ... Read more | Add your comment

A lesson in gaming education

Some of the brightest minds in video games gathered early last week in New York to discuss a huge topic in the gaming industry: the ... Read more | Add your comment