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Letter: Thanks for diaper donations

Rachel’s Hope would like to thank the Austin Area Foundation for the generous grant of $500 for diapers. This allows the clients at Rachel’s Hope ... Read more | Add your comment

Letter: Task force boosted victim’s rights

This week is National Crime Victim’s Rights Week. This annual observance, first designated by President Ronald Reagan in 1981, is meant to increase public awareness ... Read more | Add your comment

Letter: Logo debate gets Austin involved

Sometimes change is difficult. Especially when you have a logo that you have used for the past twenty-five years that is well liked by a ... Read more | Add your comment

Vision 2020/city leaders: Thanks for feedback on logo

The Community Branding Task Force, an ad-hoc group created in 2013 by volunteers and leaders in the community, wishes to thank Austin residents for the ... Read more | Add your comment

Letter: Hungry to learn about Minnesota

My name is Madelyne Alexander. I am a fifth-grader at Napa Valley Language Academy in Napa, California. The reason I am writing to you is ... Read more | Add your comment

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