Editorial: Festival makes a statement

It’s now a week later, and there are still murmurs about it — even the rain. In its third year the Austin ArtWorks Festival again ... Read more | Add your comment

Editorial: Road funding needs to be a priority

As the 2014 elections get underway, more people are starting to pay attention to the lifeblood of our state: our transportation system. More media outlets ... Read more | Add your comment

Our Opinion: Students take good step forward

Austin High School has, for some time now, taken active steps toward a greener future through various energy-saving initiatives. This week the school took another ... Read more | Add your comment

Our Opinion: Thanks to AFD for filling the boot

The Austin Fire Department deserves kudos after a busy couple of days last week. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, firefighters raised $18,022 during the annual ... Read more | Add your comment

Our Opinion: Missouri gov. takes the right step in Ferguson

The problem in Ferguson, Mo., is self-evident. The police department has a problem with its workplace culture. It is at war with the very people ... Read more | Add your comment

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