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Others’ Opinion: Fools and fast cars are a dangerous mix

In case you missed it, the drivers of a group of 12 cars that included two Lamborghinis, a Ferrari and a Maserati were stopped by ... Read more | Add your comment

Prince’s influence will live on

Like bells on Christmas morning, Prince songs were blasting through boomboxes, nightclubs and café patios in Minnesota Thursday night and Friday morning. And that’s just ... Read more | Add your comment

Others’ Opinion: Police body-cams in Minnesota: Any new law must be fully vetted

As lawmakers approach decisions about the small cameras typically clipped onto an officer’s uniform, pressures abound, with the Clark case among those bringing calls for ... Read more | Add your comment

Court nominee deserves a hearing

The Herald is neither Republican nor Democrat, but we — the present members of the Editorial Board — do stand on the liberal side on ... Read more | Add your comment

Contact city leaders on rec center

It’s time to speak up, Austin. Two forums on Vision 2020’s plan to build a $35 million community rec center at the downtown Austin Municipal ... Read more | Add your comment