Wallace Alcorn

The lessons learned in a summer job

Of all the important understandings I gained through many temporary and part-time jobs through my school years, one of the most important I learned at ... Read more | Add your comment

Stamp collection, anyone?

Today’s youth seem to presume their parents and grandparents lived boring lives without iPhones, iPads, and iPods. I tell you: Our lives were at least ... Read more | Add your comment

Looking into human hearts

Amidst all the clamoring for “tougher gun laws,” have we not noticed how miserably generations of gun laws have failed? Is anyone giving attention to ... Read more | Add your comment

Alcorn: President Obama finally telling it like it is

President Barack Obama’s second inaugural speech was not intellectual development or social maturing, but his feeling that it now politically safe to be honest and ... Read more | Add your comment

Choose your own change

Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) began life as a mathematician and scientist, inventing an early calculating machine, but eventually turned his thinking to basic issues of life, ... Read more | Add your comment

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