Dave Churchill

Good skiing close to home in Minnesota

Whenever I drive along Minnesota's North Shore during the winter months, I get an almost overwhelming urge to put on snowshoes and plunge into the ... Read more | Add your comment

Super hype makes game hardly worth waiting for

Unless you cheer for the Patriots, the Steelers or one of those other perennial NFL powerhouse franchises, watching your team in the Super Bowl ought ... Read more | Add your comment

Why all that LGA stuff really is a big deal

If you have owned, do own or know someone who owns a home in one of the Twin Cities exurbs, you probably know how much ... Read more | Add your comment

Professional sports need to hear ‘no’ for a change

Vikings fans may wonder who their quarterback will be next year and Packers fans may hope for a win in Atlanta on Saturday, but there ... Read more | Add your comment

Old edition illustrates attitudes of the times

Most of the rest of the headlines ran true to the pattern we all know, either from our history books or memory: discovery of the ... Read more | Add your comment

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