Mower Refreshed

Refreshed Business of the Year Award expands

Sandy Anderson Mower Refreshed Mower County has a tremendous variety of commerce that offers not only employment opportunities but also an opportunity to impact the ... Read more | Add your comment

Guest Column: Summit a key to producing ideas

by Sandy Anderson Mower Refreshed coordinator Each year a space in Mower County is filled with innovative thinkers who fuel the efforts and movement of ... Read more | Add your comment

Refreshed hosting another Lunch & Learn meeting

Mower Refreshed is hosting a luncheon to help business leaders share ideas and collaborate to find ways to promote happy and healthy employees. Refreshed will ... Read more | Add your comment

Mower Refreshed looking ahead to Wellness Summit

Mower Refreshed looking ahead to Wellness Summit Mower Refreshed is fueled by you, your ideas and your skills. This fall we’ll celebrate at our fourth ... Read more | Add your comment

Austin has pulse for volunteering

By Sandy Anderson, Community Health & Wellness Coordinator Volunteering is an essential part of any healthy community with the benefits going far beyond getting projects ... Read more | Add your comment