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Letter: Mall owners thank Austin after challenges

We are writing to thank the Austin community for your continued support of the Oak Park Mall. We have recently faced financial challenges regarding delinquent ... Read more | Add your comment

Term II: US must help poor, elderly, Obama says

Declaring "our journey is not complete," President Barack Obama took the oath of office for his second term before a crowd of hundreds of thousands ... Read more | Add your comment

Romney’s ’47 percent’ chosen as year’s best quote

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's comments about 47 percent of the population dependent on the government and "binders full of women" topped this year's ... Read more | Add your comment

Update: No change after recount

Update: No change after recount

It’s official; the recount in Mapleview’s mayoral election revealed no change. Read more | Add your comment

New mom casts ballot while in labor

First-time voter Stacia Beighley wasn’t going to let anything stand in the way of casting her vote last Tuesday, not even the birth of her ... Read more | Add your comment

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