Wallace Alcorn

Immigration may not be in all cases an answer

In Honduras, where I once lived, I met a lot of Hondurans who were anxious to immigrate to the United States. Well, not so much ... Read more

Opinion: Media not the judge or jury in Trayvon Martin case

I do not know: if George Zimmerman’s shooting of Trayvon Martin was murder, if Martin assaulted Zimmerman who then reacted in self-defense, if Zimmerman is ... Read more  | 17 comments

Space for both science and faith

I have said here that all sciences work inductively from material particulars toward universal principles of existence but they never can reach the universals because ... Read more

Karen are deserving of American welcome

Austin is acquiring an excellent opportunity to be Americans of the historic sort by welcoming the Karen people into our community’s society and culture. I ... Read more

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