Wallace Alcorn

Alcorn: No lie in marriage amendment

The illogical arguments for same-sex “marriage” (especially the non sequitur and circular) have begged for correction, and the constant propaganda has forced me to write ... Read more  | 5 comments

Alcorn: ‘Choice’ to be gay may affect others

The woman very angrily attacked the human rights commission, “Do you think I would choose to live the way I am having to live?” Read more  | 5 comments

The president needed not on the ballot

Somewhere out there is the man or woman I would like to become our president. I do not know who this person might be, but ... Read more

Taking the whole Bible as the Bible

Having written here about the inappropriateness and even invalidity of picking and choosing from the Bible what pleases oneself or serves ones own purpose, I ... Read more  | 3 comments